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Christian’s Top 5 Tips For Apps

The adeven team comes from an app development background and focus’s its strategy around providing the best business intelligence platform for app developers. CTO and Co-Founder Paul H. Müllers highlights that developers have three basic concerns:

  • Their products' performance
  • How their marketing is performing
  • What's going on in the app ecosystem

According to apptrace, adeven’s free app analysis service, 645 219 out of 914 684 were zombie apps, a term coined by the company to describe those apps in the app store that almost never make it tops lists or daily charts. In other words those apps that simply do not generate enough downloads to warrant further development. Adeven's CEO and co-founder, Christian Henschel comes from a digital marketing background and specializes in mobile measurement

Here are Christian’s top 5 tips to ensure your app flies at launch:

1. Build An Unbeatable App

Nothing beats an engaging app that keeps users hooked. Conceptualization and execution is top priority. Bottom line: The better the app is the less it will need marketing support to take off. Free tools like apptrace can give great insights into the market and keep you updated on how your competitors are doing.

2. Start With Effective Marketing From Day One:

One-third of games fly at launch

Smart developers can get ahead of big companies just by gaining better understanding about how to use analytics to optimize their marketing campaign. In the process they save a lot of effort and finances. My advice is not to put your whole budget into development, because you may have built the most incredible game that ever existed, but marketing gives it visibility.

Recent figures by us have shown from a total of approx. 900,000 apps close to one-third are not zombie apps and do indeed get global ranking! We wanted to investigate further, so adeven looked at 15,167 successful games that were released in 2013, which were consistently in the top charts and made it to the top 10% within the first week of launch. It is encouraging for developers to know that close to half of those games leapt across 30,000 positions to make it to the top 10%, so a bad start is certainly not the end. It is crucial to keep in mind that even for those that fly high at launch, a decline could soon follow. Developers need to be prepared to combat this this possibility. A solid marketing plan, conversion tracking and post install analytics are what keep the jet fueled and prevent crash landings!

Timing is also an important factor to bear in mind. Consider planning the launch around a relevant local and global event. Once your game is launched you can use marketing campaign 'flights' to discover what sources, creative and strategies work best for your app.

3. Know What Stats You Need To Boost ROI

Integrate a tracking SDK into your app before it’s on the market. Doing this earlier rather than later, especially when dealing with the app store saves time and effort as the approval process must be done only once. This SDK will ensure that you have access to all the conversion tracking and post-install analytics you need to see how your apps performs.

Choose open source SDK’s. Transparency and privacy are hugely important and open source SDK’s tick these boxes along with being customizable.

Go with the company that gives you the most network options. If you are going to be marketing your app but are unsure about every single network you will be using, make sure that you choose a tracking SDK that is integrated with key advertising networks such as YOC, Millennial Media, Tapjoy, Trademob, madvertise, Facebook etc.

4. Respect Privacy: Keep It Clean

As discussed, very soon Apple will switch to the IDFA, doing away with pasteboard options such as ODIN and Open UDID and other alternative identifiers. With the increasing focus on mobile privacy and pending EU legislations there is no excuse for developers to turn their backs any longer. Go with tracking providers that privacy compliant and play fair. It’s always a better choice.

5. Planning Is Gold

Make a flight plan. Product optimization, launch planning, persistent and effective marketing and performance monitoring are the best ways to ensure that a good product really takes off!


August 7, 2013 at 7.37 p.m.