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The apps we can’t live without

Technology makes life easier. Now, there are apps that wake us up, apps that help us stay fit and apps that help us catch the train on time.

We took a closer look at today’s most useful apps in the App Store by searching for all apps with keywords such as help, tracking, track, organise, find, remind, reminder, book and pay in the title or description. Sub keywords included terms such as tracker, budget, delivered, 'order takeaway', recipes, ingredients lists and more. The search was limited to relevant App Store categories.

The total number of current App Store apps matching these criteria was 220,621 of 923,397 globally. Of these, only 187,703 held positions in the last month. This means that globally, only 15 percent of helpful apps were Zombies and did not achieve a ranking (32,918 apps). This is well below the current overall Zombie rate of 64 percent of all apps, indicating there is still movement and opportunity in this sector of the App Store for growth compared to other categories such as games.

Interestingly we found that Australia leads the UK and USA in using apps that make life easier by roughly 10 percent.

When we looked at which App Store categories were the most popular for helpful apps, we were surprised to see that business apps were most dominant in the UK, whereas in Australia, the land of sunshine, weather apps to make life easier were abundant.

So what do the app users think?

Sentiment analysis is great for seeing what people really think. Our sentiment analysis tab gives insights into how an app performs in its App Store user written reviews. This is a much better indication of quality than ranking, as Apple bases ranking on app popularity and downloads, which can be strongly affected by app marketing.

adeven looked at which helpful apps in Britain had over 500 reviews and then calculated which app had the highest positive and addictiveness ratings.

In Britain, the most addictive app that makes our lives easier was the UK Salary Calculator 2013-14 (a whopping 60 percent addictiveness score), where as Australians are addicted to the Australian Calorie Counter (with 37 percent addictiveness) As a rule of thumb, if an app has an addictiveness rating of around 20 percent or above, it is doing well.

Groupon for bargin hunters rated first or second in both counries for positive review feedback and interior design, running apps and My Days -Period & Ovulation a period and ovulation app for the ladies also made the top five lists.

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Data sourced on 21 March 2013 by adeven.

Image source: Rod Chester (16 March 2013) Why smartphone cheap apps rule Aussie lifestyles. Adelaide Advertiser pp. 39


March 28, 2013 at 10.52 a.m.