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Up in the clouds over app reviews

While some people are excited about cloud computing, we’re excited about computing clouds and more specifically - wordclouds. So excited, that in fact we have just launched cloud words for each sentiment analysis.

The cloud words show key sentiment words for each app with enough reviews. The sentiments are separated into positive, addictive, crash and negative. This gives developers and publishers a quick and unbiased overview of their current app performance and can help them identify strengths in their apps and also issues that quickly need to be resolved.

Another great feature just launched is apptrace’s monthly sentiments over time graphs. Previously sentiments were calculated on a version basis, but now we are able to show monthly data so issues and their fixes can be spotted quickly. Just click on the sentiment analysis tab on the app’s profile. Cant find the tab? Perhaps there aren’t enough reviews for the app for statistical analysis yet.

The App Store has been rapidly accumulating reviews since apptrace’s sentiment analysis launch last December.

Now over 32 million English text based app reviews grace the store. All the more reason to use apptrace’s free sentiment analysis to save you time in getting to the heart of Apple’s App Store reviews.


Tuesday, 05 March 2013 at 11.17 a.m.